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Customer Experiences.

Radically transforming a retail category embedded into the routines of millions, Briggo enables people to create their perfect cup of coffee with advanced personalization technology, world class quality and an innovative industrial design and user experience.  On a quest for the perfect cup.

Embedded as part of the Briggo executive team, Upstream is a day-to-day partner, helping direct the continual advancement of their technology, industrial design and user experience resources. Leading a world class team of partners including Fuse Project and Sapient Nitro, The Briggo Coffee Haus experience launched in 2013 followed it’s next generation technology at Austin’s Dell Corporate Campus in 2015.

Briggo Coffee Experience from Briggo Coffee on Vimeo.

Briggo was on a quest to bring a new respect for subtlety never before seen in the coffee world. On their way to fulfill that mission, Briggo found a way to leverage technology to deliver the level of craft required to capture the detail that matters.

The Briggo Coffee Haus is the result of years of study and experimentation, and as a result Briggo’s way of making coffee applies technology that addresses every nuance of the coffee making process. We designed the Coffee Haus to constantly monitor and adjust the variables that make a difference in the realm of milliseconds, milliliters and grams. But Briggo doesn’t exist because of this technology. We simply created it to enable our goal.

Kevin Nater, Briggo CEO – Fast Company

The concept for the artisanal coffee kiosk first came to electrical engineer Charles Studor, who spent 20 years at a Motorola, in 2008.   Playing a lead role in support of Charles and Kevin’s goal, Upstream Thinking was able to be a integral part in creating a radically different kind of coffee experience, where even the most savvy of coffee connoisseurs could find an exacting way to fulfill on their individual tastes.  As the result of years of study and experimentation, Briggo’s way of making coffee applies technology that addresses every nuance of the coffee making process.

Upstream we a key partner to Briggo throughout initial design and launch the process, and works in ongoing partnership today to:

Work with world class design, engineering and user experience talent to continually advance this stand-alone, highly customizable retail experience.

Direct aesthetic design, brand and customer interfaces that challenge convention and the category.

Plan for the future of the Briggo experience internationally, and continuously improve the experience for customers while advancing the Briggo business model.


For more information on how we can make Upstream Thinking work for your business, contact: Melissa Young, Partner at Upstream – 512-550-2200 – melissa@upstreamthinking.com