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Transform Patient Experiences.

The Livestrong Foundation convenes a dynamic group to advance its mission to transform the patient experience of cancer care.  Inspiring healthcare stakeholders to consider how they might enhance models of care within their own institutions.

Though cancer care has advanced tremendously, no single institution to date has been able to successfully implement a comprehensive model of patient-centered care. While the cancer community knows what patient-centered cancer care means, The LIVESTRONG Foundation had an unprecedented opportunity to determine how to deliver it in a way that results patients feeling informed, respected and cared for.

With Upstream Thinking,  The LIVESTRONG Foundation structured and launched The PCCC Symposium for stakeholders in the field to share best practices and strategies for delivery of patient-centered cancer care.  Including patients, survivors, caregivers, health care providers, academics, researchers, community organizations, business leaders, policymakers and innovators from around the country.


The LIVESTRONG Foundation – Upstream partnership helped to advance Patient Centered Cancer Care, and extend the mission of the LIVESTRONG Foundation further into the community, helping to structure the The PCCC Symposium:

Providing a framework to illuminate barriers to ideal care and drive prioritization.

Assisting in structuring ideation activities based on human centered design principles at a symposium to bring together cancer care professionals, survivors, patient advocates and medical thought leaders to imagine new and ideal experiences.

Synthesizing the outputs from the symposium and create a deliverable optimized to make that information actionable for industry leaders of PCCC.

As a result of the The PCCC Symposium The LIVESTRONG foundation was able to successfully:

Establish and guide an innovation process to advance  LIVESTRONG’s PCCC strategy.

Create a structure to engage the eco-system of all constituents involved in care for cancer in the identification of opportunities and appropriate solutions.

Leverage the power of Design Thinking to envision future PCCC models and experiences.


For an overview of the PCCC Symposium click here:

For more information on how we can make Upstream Thinking work for your business, contact: Melissa Young, Partner at Upstream – 512-550-2200 melissa@upstreamthinking.com