Reinvigorating fanatical customer centricity, with lean process, customer journey insights and as a unified cross-silo team.
Bringing the organization together; product, marketing, sales and design leadership together to plan the future of the Rackspace customer experience.

As pioneer in the managed cloud services sector, Rackspace has a storied history of being fanatically customer centered, for fostering a culture of employee entrepreneurialism and being a great place to work. This people-centered culture and step-ahead of technology work ethic led Rackspace to explosive growth over 10 years, becoming a leader in the cloud computing revolution.

Yet with this growth, Rackspace recognized that in order to maintain its expansive, global scale in a constantly transforming technology space, they have to work even harder to maintain culture that connects to the evolving needs of their clients, come together with a lean process, strong customer insight and cross-silo collaboration.

Working with Upstream, Rackspace undertook an effort to get unfiltered thinking and points-of-view from individual business leads and teams across product, sales, marketing, technology, and experience design.

“The Upstream team helped us close the gap among silos in our business, and develop a shared view of the customer perspective. They left us with a visual framework for driving a coherent customer experience around which our teams are now rallying.”
– Rackspace VP, Experience & Design

From this deep knowledge within the organization, a customer journey framework was developed to frame a large scale, immersive day of cross silo collaboration workshops, bringing cross-functional teams together to share cupstreamthinking_journeypersonas-crosssilo-collaborationustomer stories, best practices and envision customer journeys and define customer pain points and needs. Post workshop, Upstream was able to work together with Rackspace “at-scale” to create in-depth customer journey persona’s, rich pictures of their evolving customer base, unmet needs, with co-creation of new solutions across their customer experience.

Upstream’s work with Rackspace resulted in:

Renewed, shared vision across a large organization on how to align their service to an evolving customer base.

New value propositions to explore for future technology application and service development.

Design tools and strategic frameworks for product-service innovation, customer service, marketing and sales to retain customer-centered leadership.

Persona tools that not only personify core customers, but reveal their experiences and needs across the customer lifecycle.

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