Foster A Culture of Innovation.

A vision for inspiring a culture of innovation: empowering students, teachers and administrators to embrace academic innovation.
Building a roadmap for meaningful technology implementation in a public school.

Being a part of a dynamic, technology rich city, Austin is seen as a hub for innovation.  But with Austin’s innovation and accelerated growth, educators also needed to account for growing pains and smart spending. As a direct response to recent voters approval of $39 million dollars in technology investment, a plan and process was needed to take into account the needs of a growing, diverse population with a wide range of academic, economic and cultural demands.  This could not be a “tech first” plan.

Working directly with C-Level leadership, Upstream became part of the core team developing a Academic Innovation - Planning for a Culture Of Innovation Case Studylong-term roadmap for the district.  The team worked together on Phase 1 of a plan to reimagine what it means to implement technology in an academic environment, one that would enhance teaching and learning.

“Upstream inspired the team to put design thinking into practice and develop a detailed technology roadmap for students, our teachers.. the future of our city.”

“Our dedicated time articulating a vision has already received positive feedback from internationally renowned thought leader, Alan November.

– Austin Academic Innovation Team

Upstream was integral in:Academic Innovation - Planning for a Culture Of Innovation Case Study

Defining a philosophy and process of academic innovation for the school district.

Incorporating the perspectives of a wide audience of academic and administrative stakeholder to address critical issues.

Engaging with the team responsible for innovation in professional development activities, sharing knowledge, tools associated with design thinking and product-service design.

Conducting six divergent/convergent workshops with the core team and full committee participants to define action plan, prioritize roadmap initiatives.

Building an actionable technology roadmap and planning presentation for academic innovation, administrators and the public were able to convene around information that was in-depth, thorough but also easy to understand across stakeholders, city trustees and executive decision-maker administrators.


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