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With shifting accountability measures, rapid technology advancements and evolving expectations from your patients and communities – healthcare leaders face some of the biggest challenges seen in a very long time. More-and-more healthcare organizations are adapting the way they operate to address the big changes to come.

Healthcare leaders are asking themselves 

– how do we innovate?


When faced with these challenges, we often find inspiration in observing what’s happening around us. That’s why we’ve curated just a few healthcare innovation examples, from industry peers, colleagues and competitors we think you’ll find interesting. Though we can’t take credit for any of these (though we do have some examples of our own), they demonstrate the variety of angles healthcare teams are implementing. Some are working to understand patient needs through a new lens. Others are exploring ways to design new experiences that benefit patient outcomes and operations. And as healthcare information platforms and telehealth technologies evolve, leaders also are weighing the opportunities for better self directed care tools while mitigating risk of large technology investments with insight into patient needs and adoption behaviors.

Inspiring Healthcare
Innovation Examples

Kaiser Permanente
Created an internal consultancy of business strategists, designers and observational researchers to help identify and solve specific problems for patients that align with a better work experience for their caregivers within the healthcare network.

Johns Hopkins
Employs a team of strategic facilitators, design-trained strategists and facilitators to convene multidisciplinary care teams, identify key issues to address for care and delivery, inspire new ideas and experiences, and create positive interventions – drive better patient outcomes.

GE Healthcare
Reimagined the MRI experience for children and their families by simply spending time observing what it is like for a child to go through the claustrophobic, mechanical process of an MRI.  SImply put it could be terrifying. They turned the experience on it’s head, from anxiety laden to an intriguing experience with an “adventure series” throughout the clinical process.  They designed themed, engaging fun for kids to reduce anxiety for patients, family and clinical staff that now includes pirate, underwater and yellow submarine environments.

Venice Family Clinic
Challenged itself to move beyond a business-as-usual approach when designing a new children’s community clinic to serve Medicaid and uninsured patients. Turning to an outside design firm that would observe patients in their existing care environment and help co-create new angles into a patient experience, Venice Family Clinic’s leadership and its many stakeholders found new ways to improve the patient experience while lowering costs.

Hoag Memorial & Others
Let users lead the way to updating information technology systems, stepping back to observe how people in the real world use and interact with technology and information delivery systems before determining solution. They put into practice human centered design principles to link investments and improvements to pain points and opportunities to share information and manage transitions across clinicians, caregivers, specialists and administrators.

This is our first blog entry of a planned Designing An Approach to Healthcare Innovation series. We’ll share our point-of-view into healthcare innovation with examples and ideas for how to apply design-centered approaches. We’ll suggest paths to accelerate patient-centered innovation and integrate these practices into your traditional management principles and process. Join our newsletter, we promise not to clutter your already information packed inbox.

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